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Web projects created on the Internet are becoming more difficult and practical, thanks to which their support requires more advanced technologies. Holsters, meeting the requirements of customers, created a virtual dedicated server (vds).

Such a solution occupied a transitional niche between the marked server and the virtual one. Cloud servers are much more affordable in terms of the price of the services that are provided, but less reliable for their use in large high-load Internet projects. These servers are good for small projects that are in great demand on the web. A dedicated server is too expensive for most clients.

Thanks to this, the VDS server made it possible to find the “optimal middle” between high price and security – it has an affordable rental fee, and protection is at a high level. A virtual dedicated server has its own operating system and is completely independent from other hosting clients.

In other words, the hosting provider provides the user with a real dedicated server, but with slightly less operability, mostly not creating problems for an individual client, who himself determines the required capacity for work.

The tenant client himself manages the marked space of the virtual dedicated server, placing any sites, databases, mailboxes and the necessary software on it. Of course, in order to manage VDS, you need the necessary knowledge, but this is solved with the help of administration by IT specialists, including those provided by the provider itself. The hoster also provides work without interruption of the server and security, round-the-clock physical and technical support for the client.

A virtual dedicated server is often used to host high-load corporate websites, online stores and other projects that require very large resources. A similar service is offered by hosting who has good experience in working with clients involved in the promotion and promotion of sites of varying complexity. Flexible tariff plans allow the hosting user to choose the optimal connection method in terms of load and price.