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Did you know that up to 80% of last-minute bookings are made on mobile devices? Undoubtedly this data provided by a Criteo report confirms again that apps in the hospitality industry are here to stay. Although if this information does not convince you, today we bring you an article with a few advantages of having an app for your hotel.

Electronic key

The virtual key, as you know, is a smartphone version of the key, card or pass that most hotels have. The greatest benefit of dematerialization of the key in the hotel app is to offer a convenience to the customer who is used to being able to do everything with his smartphone. In this way we facilitate the guest journey and optimize the reception service, since check-in and check-out is one of the most conflictive moments. According to data that we have analyzed, a wait of more than 5 minutes at the check-in point can reduce customer satisfaction with our service by up to 50%.

Another of the great benefits that this virtual key offers to the hotel within an app is an improvement in the management of entrances and accesses by the staff. Thanks to this functionality we can allow and restrict access to the different hotel facilities (spa, gym, saunas, swimming pool …) according to the characteristics of the reservation. We also improve the security of the hotel since there is no risk of losing the key / card and the codes can be easily changed and disabled.

Reviews and Feedback

Another of the most obvious advantages of an APP for your Hotel are the reviews but… Do we really give it the importance it deserves? To obtain valuable reviews and feedback we must find the right time and way. Thanks to the apps we have the option of push notifications, for example: Can you imagine that when leaving the spa your client receives a notification to assess their service, or that in case of a problem the client can send a message and get a response snapshot? These small actions make it easier for our clients to give their opinion and let them know what we need to improve to make their stay more satisfactory immediately.

Improve communication with the customer

As we always tell you, smartphones are part of our clients’ day and their daily activities. Having a mobile app for our hotel provides us with a direct link with guests, which helps hotel staff to get in touch with them quickly and increase their efficiency. Profiles on social networks or websites do not have a stable place on a mobile phone, unlike the app, which always has a more personal and effective function.

App by them can send quick notifications with lots of information, such as details of the reservation, a welcome text, the places to be visited, etc. With this we provide valuable content to the client that will improve their perception and satisfaction of the stay.

Help Hotel Management

A mobile application provides hotel owners with a lot of data on the behavior of their customers. This information can be for example: the way in which people come to buy your services, how often clients visit them, how much they spend, how they interact with the hotel’s services, etc. This data enables hoteliers to improve the guest experience and adjust their strategy for better performance without wasting unnecessary resources. On the other hand, having your own mobile application that allows you to make reservations is your own source of income since we will not have to depend on other platforms. We can also increase the price of the rooms since we do not have to pay any type of commission, thus increasing our profits.