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Have you just made the leap to Facebook and do not know where to start to create your ads in Facebook Ads? With this guide you will be able to create your promotions easily and without needing to be an expert in online marketing.

Throughout this post we will tell you step by step what is Facebook Ads , how to create your ads, and also how to measure the results and ROI (Return on Investment).

Today social networks are much more than a platform to upload our photos of the last family meal or the getaway through Europe last weekend.

Social networks have become one of the epicenters of digital marketing and Social Media strategies.

Millions are the users who access them daily from anywhere in the world. In Spain alone this figure rises to 12 million daily users.

This is what has allowed brands to use social networks as expanding markets, markets in which to create a community in which to share content about their products or services.

That your brand has a presence in a social network like Facebook, not only will it benefit you with an increase in the visibility and notoriety of your brand as your community grows, it also allows you to reach audiences difficult to obtain by other means and the best, to a relatively low cost.

But like everything else, social media advertising has a small counter. In certain sectors and thanks to the low cost of these advertisements, the online competition is much greater than the one that a certain brand may have physically in the market.

That is why, in E Trend Talk, we consider it more than necessary to create a guide that collects point by point the creation of ads on Facebook Ads optimized to achieve the maximum positive results for any brand, regardless of its sector.

If with this data we have managed to get a bit of the bug, read on. Our guide to creating ads on Facebook Ads step by step starts here!

What are Facebook Ads?

First of all, and most important is knowing what Facebook Ads is.

Facebook Ads is the Facebook advertising system. From its platform it offers the possibility of creating ads from our publications or from our fan page.

Depending on the duration of your promotion, your target audience, the main objective to be achieved and the competition present within Facebook, your monetary investment in advertising should vary.

Despite this inconvenience, it is the fastest and easiest way if you are looking to publicize your company, a new product or a special offer.

Managing all this in a simple way and without needing to be an ace in digital marketing, it is possible from the ad management platform of Facebook Ads, where you can also check all the details of your promotions in real time.

Business manager: from this platform you can create, monitor your promotions, configure all the data of your advertising account, etc. In addition to controlling all those fan pages in which you are an administrator of the advertising account.

Ad Manager: allows you to monitor the performance of ads and advertising campaigns.

As for the investment, the minimum amount allowed for ads is € 1 per day, regardless of whether the collection of advertising is established globally or daily.

It seemed more complicated, right? Actually, it is very simple and gives us great advantages such as segmenting your target audience by hand or generating customized reports of all your ads.

How do I create my ads in Facebook Ads?

Once we know what Facebook Ads consists of, it’s time to take action. Let’s start creating!

Before you start creating your ads on Facebook Ads, you should know that there are two very simple ways to do it. The first, from our fan page by clicking on the “Promote” button below the post. The second one, with Ad Manager.

Creation from Ad Manager.

Until a while ago Business Manager provided us with two tools to create our campaigns, Power Editor and Ad Manager.

Somewhat messy and cumbersome for those of us who are dedicated to online marketing, so in an effort to simplify things they have merged them into a single tool, the Ad Manager.

Thus, when creating our Facebook Ads from the Ad Manager, two campaign creation wizards appear.

“Quick creation” on the one hand, where at a glance we can configure all the basic parameters such as the name of the campaign, the type of purchase, the purpose of the campaign, A / B test, set of ads and announcements. And, on the other hand, “Guided creation.”

Setting up your promotions is very simple in both cases. Next to each element or section, Facebook offers a small explanation to which in most cases it accompanies with an example.

In both cases we can choose to create our ads from scratch or from a post already published on our fan page.

To promote a published post, you must choose the option “Use existing campaign”, select the public, the budget and the date on which you want your ad to start serving.

Choosing between a configuration assistant or another and between one type of promotion or another will depend exclusively on you. But if this is your first time, we recommend the extended version of both, guided creation and start from scratch.

As you have seen, creating promotions on Facebook is very simple. It is only necessary to know the target audience and which or what are the objectives to achieve with them.

Do not miss the second part of this guide on Facebook Ads. We will teach you how to create, put into circulation and optimize a promotion from scratch.