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The following 8 marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day will help you build much more customer loyalty. Thus, they will acquire products in your store and the sales of your business will increase.

1.- Hold contests and raffles for Valentine’s Day

There is no denying it, most people love receiving gifts, especially when it comes to part of your favorite brand. For this reason, you can make a special draw for Valentine’s Day to give something to your followers and be part of their celebration.

One recommendation is to create a contest on Instagram where you offer some products from your business. You can also give away a couple plan.

But, yes, it is important that you make clear what the terms of the contest are. On the other hand, it is ideal that you launch it several days in advance, as this will help you get new followers. Giveaway-based campaigns generally turn out to be effective, so feel free to work with them.

2.- Place on your blog articles that have to do with Valentine’s Day

Do not miss the great opportunity to take advantage of the date to create articles on your blog that meet the objective of your brand. If you work in a bookstore, for example, you can create a post that talks about romance novel authors. If you are a beauty center, you can talk about treatments to give to the couple.

Any sector where your brand is can get more customers. Marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day are a great ally for this.3.- Make gifts for your best customers

Your best customers are the ones who help your business succeed. If you give them a gift, they will be grateful. You can do this on any date, but if it is the day of love, much better.

You can give them an item that has a low cost. Or stock that you already want to get rid of. You can also give specific gifts. Everything will depend on the sector where you operate.

But if the case is that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on this strategy, just sending a postcard will be enough.

If your business has its own physical store, you can give away something that is related to your market. On the other hand, another idea is to give your clients roses, chocolates or some detail that is small and they like it.

4.- Fill your social networks with love

Did you know that social networks are one of the channels that will help you the most on this date? They are means where you usually interact, with the potential to create fun conversations. If you see that you don’t have time to send emails or create banners for your website, you can make use of them.

Ideally, you should change your logo and personalize it with the occasion, as well as your cover photos. If you have already created a post on your blog related to Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to share it on your networks.

It is also important that you advertise all the campaigns you are running, such as giveaways, discounts, etc. Do not forget that this is where you will generate much more traffic.

5.- Create special packs for Valentine’s Day

If you don’t want to give discounts or offers, another option you have is to create special Valentine’s Day packs. When you launch a promotion of this type, most see it as if it were a new product, which already has a discount that allows you to buy the entire pack instead of the products separately.

Another idea is that you offer your customers a product that is only available if they make the purchase of this pack. Something that cannot be purchased separately.

6.- Email marketing, one of the best marketing strategies for Valentine’s Day

It should be noted that mailing strategies should never be lacking in your marketing campaigns. More in those days when you must create a special email for your users.

In these shipments you can include some offers that are special for your subscribers, as well as the banners that you made for your website. Of course, the design you choose has to be very attractive and be full of love.

Do not forget to put a heart in the subject of the email, as this will give it a more special touch. Always try to woo your customers through email.

7.- Sections that are exclusive for your website

If your business has an online store, a great recommendation is to create a special section on your website where you show the items that can be given for Valentine’s Day.

It is always recommended that your online store has exclusive sections staking some items, and on special dates this will be much more important.

8.- Place a banner on your website

The good thing about this date and having numerous marketing strategies for Valentine’s at your fingertips is that you can take advantage of a lot of ideas. One of them is to place specific banners that have a lot of love.

Update the banners that you already have on your website, but add something that is related to Valentine’s Day. Another idea is to create banners that have unique offers and that link to the articles section of your online store.

As for the design, there are things that should not be missing. Hearts, chocolates, flowers and gift packages should not be missing. Remember to include a special touch that has to do with your brand. You can place the hearts with the corporate color of your company.

As you can see, Valentine’s Day is one of the best dates for you to bring out all that creativity you have and create ads that are completely original. Take the risk to use these strategies and increase your sales.