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Are you wondering if the time has come to request a computer maintenance?

On certain occasions, companies are suspicious or are not sure whether to invest money in a technical service that helps them in the entire IT section.

From Seidel we know that on many occasions these strategies lead to serious problems; legal inconveniences due to data security failures, elimination of reports and data necessary for the company (accounting, customer data, etc.), appearance of viruses, ignorance of program updates, etc.

We are going to see different reasons for delegating certain tasks, repairs and maintenance of technology to specialized companies.

Why do you need computer help?

Productivity, speed and time

Professionals in businesses and computer repair companies know the importance of the speed of their services for companies.

Having the guarantee of opting for an agile service, that fixes IT or support problems quickly, is a key in today’s business environment.

This is an important starting point because even though someone in the company had the knowledge of all the devices that could break and the opportunity to qualify for all the tools, updates and accessories on the market, it is probably not a good idea to keep an internal worker engaged in these tasks, since it would decrease the productivity of the company.

Trust and professionalism

In this case, the ability to have professionals for both monthly computer maintenance and urgent needs in which to place full confidence would be ensured.

These types of services are based on the speed and quality of the result and in most cases people with user-level knowledge do not have the capacity to take care of this type of work, they can even be the cause of worsening or deteriorating definitively specific devices or programs.


Over time, without good maintenance, devices start to slow down, errors, alert messages, crashing programs, necessary updates that are not performed, etc. begin to appear.

Many companies do not give this the importance it really needs and wait until there is no repair possible or they have lost time, competitive advantage, speed and quality in their business processes for years (being much worse than the cost of a company IT support).


A good computer maintenance will have the opportunity to provide a backup service, something that only occurs to us when the worst has happened.

Companies, which have a large amount of data and information that must necessarily be kept (both operationally and legally) must be insured through this type of backup in the cloud.


A good computer equipment for a company is not only one that fixes all the possible problems that its technology may derive, but is also capable of offering the most appropriate hardware in terms of price, quality and needs for each specific case.

Upgrade and competitive advantage

Having the support of a specialized technical service is essential to be able to obtain the maximum performance from the hardware and software that a company needs.

Having the best devices in the daily operations of a company and the most up-to-date and specific programs can gain a lot of ground against competitors.

Remote assistance

There are a large number of computer problems that can be solved without the need for replacement of parts or hardware repair, so that with a format, they could be solved:

  • System cure against viruses or any type of malware.
  • Operating system with accumulated lag or slowness.
  • Need for installation, update or failure of specific programs.
  • Difficulties with drives.
  • Others.