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A new year has begun and with it come new Marketing Automation trends in 2021 that can help you grow your business even more. So, it is important that you are aware of all the news so that you have the opportunity to implement them correctly and effectively.

There are many myths regarding the automation of processes, and one of them is that they consider that personalization is lost. But the reality is that automating strategies makes work easier without risking the personal meaning of the message.

In fact, it allows you to expedite the responses and have them received in a timely manner. For example, a subscription or purchase confirmation email or an anniversary discount. If you automate these shipments, once the user registers, makes their purchase or the day your customer is made, they will receive the message immediately and automatically.

So, if you are interested in working with these types of tools, it is essential that you know the Marketing Automation trends in 2021. In this way, you can use them in the different marketing channels.

Unveil Marketing Automation Trends in 2021

Without so much mystery, it is time for you to discover what are the Marketing Automation trends in 2021 that should be present in your plan. It does not matter if you are a beginner or already have experience, it is essential to be up to date with updates.

Below you will find out what these tricks are and how they can help you, so pay attention and take note:

1.- Personalization and data privacy come together

The first trend that you will meet, undoubtedly breaks the myths about automation. It is about the personalization of marketing campaigns that is only possible when you have customer data. But this brings with it the concern of users who often hesitate to provide their personal information.

This is not just words, it is proven and reflected in figures in the Accenture report, called Technology Vision 2020. This indicates that 66% of consumers surveyed expressed concern about the commercial use of personal data. As well as online identity for personalization purposes and laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Given this, private companies have begun to take measures to protect consumer data. An example of this is the upcoming Apple iPhone iOS 14 Advertiser Identifier (IDFA) updates. They will need explicit permission from users to track them.

Ideally, brands show humanity and responsibility when using customer data to personalize campaigns. You can take advantage of niche social circles or communities to make more authentic connections with people.

2.- Use of machine learning and artificial intelligence

In these times where there are more advances every day, it is essential to have machine learning and artificial intelligence. And in this year, both will be part of these trends. The goal is to help marketers listen, learn, and interact with customers in a more natural way.

For example, you can choose to use AI-based lead scoring. It is a way to boost consumer engagement and, in turn, is of great help to create personalized content and effectively reach the audience.

In addition, artificial intelligence can also help you quickly segment large amounts of data. This will allow you to create more effective and hassle-free buyer trips.

3.- Alignment between marketing and sales

Although this is not a current trend, it will remain in force during 2021. It is about the alignment between the marketing and sales teams of companies, something totally indispensable in the digital ecosystem today. This is what is known as ” marketing “, and many companies have already implemented it.

But what does this have to do with Marketing Automation in 2021? Well, these automatic processes allow you to make a better alignment between these two areas. eye! It is not that it is specifically intended for this, but it is one of the functions it can fulfill.

According to the Spotler report called State of Marketing Automation 2020. About 18% of respondents said that cross-department alignment is an essential benefit of marketing automation.

Notably, there is a connection between automation and alignment between these two departments. And it is that marketing automation tools help in workflows and tasks. Additionally, both teams will be able to accurately attribute which marketing efforts led to sales.

4.- Work on a new approach to payment methods

It’s no secret to anyone that different niche markets are packed with content, so consumers can see hundreds of ads. This forces companies and brands to work with paid strategies, accompanied by a good knowledge of their audience to know how to reach them.

Keep in mind that relevance is what will capture the audience, not volume. That’s why it’s essential to use data-driven information to track trends, as well as have real-time deliverability.

This is where you should take advantage of automation like social listening and detection and the use of tools. In this way, you will know how to direct that sentiment in your advertising and paid messages. In turn, it will allow you to understand trends in advance and align your company’s values ​​with the customer experience.

It is a good idea to work with Marketing Automation strategies in 2021 focused on automated offers. These are based on the use of machine learning to ensure that you deliver scalable content.

5.- Implementation of conversational marketing

You already know that AI will be very present in Marketing Automation trends in 2021. A proof of this is the implementation of conversational marketing, it is a way to improve the customer experience in the future through good communication.

According to Gartner, personal technologies such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will become the benchmark tools for delivering the user experience by 2030. It also indicates that 91% of organizations plan to implement voice and other technologies powered by AI.

They also said that chatbots will be launched much more strongly to provide experience to consumers by 2022. These software applications are getting smarter and smarter, so customers will not differentiate between conversations with chatbots and humans.

It has been so effective that they have seen Facebook Messenger integrated chatbots for brands. As well as WhatsApp that allowed companies to integrate them to communicate with customers. This trend is expected to grow by leaps and bounds over the next year.

6.- Automation aimed at mobile devices

Currently, most of the users’ browsing is through mobile devices. In fact, a Statista study showed that mobile website traffic has surpassed that of laptops since Q3 2019.

Without a doubt, it is proof that over time mobile devices have become the main source of content consumption. They also do it as a means of purchasing activity, making it essential for marketers to develop a scheme focused on mobile equipment.

So don’t be surprised to see increased use of tools like in-app ads, push notifications, SMS, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). In order to improve customer experience, engagement and retention.

Keep in mind that automation tools will play an important role in the analysis and delivery of personalized content on mobile platforms. This will help you gather useful information about users, such as location, browsing habits, possible delivery points, and more.

When you understand user behavior, you have the opportunity to optimize their mobile strategies and deliver automated content.

7.- Forecasts and automated commercial operations

Consumer behavior is not an aspect that remains static, it is modified according to the situations that surround it. A clear example of this is the change generated by the pandemic. Companies and brands were forced to give a twist to their strategies, as well as people to the way of consuming.

It may seem complicated because you work on time, but with the help of automation the work is easier. You have the ability to create a roadmap and take advantage of relevant digital tools. In this way, you can streamline business and marketing operations.

You should have a more futuristic vision and more after COVID-19, since consumer behavior is far from the traditional trend. All this focus has been transferred to the various digital channels.

Simply put, marketing automation can help you maintain your digital presence quickly. As well as addressing customer needs based on their development.