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How to Create Evergreen content for 2018 – 2019?

The real-time personalization (or Real Time Personalization – RTP) is a marketing method of engagement, which allows you to create meaningful interactions in real time with its target audience.

The customization is based on a 1: 1 communication approach, managed dynamically, through e-mails, ads, mobile push … and content!

Yes, a successful RTP campaign requires a lot of custom content. Without custom content, no commitment. Or not enough compared to the effort provided.

A colossal task that can quickly discourage when you want to implement personalization actions in real time. But there are tips you can use to “do a lot with little”. It simply boils down to reusing your existing content, adding value.

The advantage of reusing existing content in RTP

The content reuse is a key step in any campaign Real Time Personalization. For good reason, most of the content you need to create custom content already exists! Think of all those eBooks, case studies, and customer reviews you have. All this content can be reused in other areas. Or slightly modified to be more relevant.

The key to implementing this method is to find the right content (on your website, blog, social networks …), redefine it and then determine what to do with it. This requires reviewing your content history to look for evergreen (always green) content, that is, content that generates traffic over time. You may also need to review the analytics of your website to determine which content elements have the best results.

How to create personalized content in real time?

how toOnce you have identified your most popular content, the next step is to decide how you will benefit from this content. It is important to avoid simply republishing the content as is. When reusing old content, your goal should be to add value to the original content so you do not just serve the same to your visitors. Here are 5 tips to help you reuse your RTP content.

1- Create a new blog post from older content

This involves taking a blog post that has already been proven to try to draw new content. This strategy works particularly well with blog posts containing item lists. You can take each item from the list to make it a separate article on that particular topic. It is then sufficient to give more details than what was provided in the original ticket.

2- Leverage the most relevant social media publications

Why not surf the social media wave and share your old content again? Even if a post evergreen was published a few months ago, if it is still relevant today it will have the same value. By sharing it again on social media, you’re more likely to reach new prospects that missed the post the first time.

3- Create a series of emails on the same subject

Creating a daily email series composed of several pieces of content from the same topic is another way to take advantage of your old content. This method is a great way to gather new subscribers and prospects.

4- Create an eBook from existing content

You could also consider extending some of your old blog posts into an e-book. Do not forget to add value by doing new searches. Once the e-book is complete, use it as a gift to expand your subscriber list.

5- Exploit the content of your FAQ

Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a wealth of content marketing ideas: from blog topics to white papers to checklists. Because you’re potential customers will often have the same questions or obstacles in their journey towards the purchase. Use the information in your FAQ to create content for download. This will allow your prospects to get answers when they need them, instead of waiting for answers from your team.