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Being up to date on the main marketing trends is increasingly expensive. Adapting to new tools is a laborious process, which not all people manage to do with the same ease. Therefore, today we teach you 5 tools to manage Inbound Marketing strategies effectively.

With Inbound Marketing, a brand seeks contact with the customer, but not in the traditional way but generating quality content.

These contents must be attractive enough for users, and thus, generate engagement with the brand.

This marketing discipline merges many of the techniques of other types of marketing such as content or even SEO strategies, as we explained in a previous post about the characteristics of Inbound Marketing.

Generate traffic to the web, attract potential customers, obtain great visibility for the brand, and above all, build customer loyalty, are the main objectives of any brand when carrying out this type of strategy.

Therefore, it is vitally important to know how to manage and plan it effectively.

These are the 5 tools to manage Inbound Marketing strategies best known and intuitive to use.

1 # SemRush

With this tool you can know at all times the status of search engine positioning, through direct and quick reports of the keywords that are providing more benefits to your brand.

Not only does this allow you, but also delete all those that do not work or are relevant.

It has a lot of very useful tools, such as:

The necessary to know the budget of your competition.

It allows to identify the main advertisers and publishers.

Display ads on different devices.

Analyze backlinks in depth.

2 # Hootsuite

This is almost the tool for the administration and management of social networks par excellence.

From it is possible to simultaneously manage profiles on different social networks such as Facebook, Google +, Twitter or LinkedIn.

It gives us the possibility to monitor each and every one of the publications we make from the tool, to find the best time to publish your content.

Monitor in real time the conversations of all accounts, perform an analysis of the different users or obtain detailed reports of the quantitative results are some of the other functions offered to us.

3 # MOZ

With MOZ we can improve the SEO of our website. In addition, it allows us to analyze the quality of the links we have in it.

It is possible to hire 4 products within this tool:

MOZ Pro: to improve the visibility of your website, based on search engine marketing.

Local MOZ: to position you in local searches.

MOZ Content: a series of tools to amplify your content marketing strategies.

FollowerWonk: allows you to connect with influencers, in addition to offering tactics to optimize your social presence.

4 # Optimizely

One of the easiest ways to get to know your users and what types of content will work best is to use this tool.

With it you can do A / B test of your website very quickly and easily, so much that it does not require knowledge of HTML.

You can measure and track how users interact with your page. Other functions are:

Try different functions of your landing page.

Compare texts of all kinds that are within your website.

And even different versions of the purchase form.

5 # Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the main free analytics tool in the market.

With it you can see analytical data in real time, create predetermined and customized reports, among other features.

Its main objective is to help us make the right decisions in the easiest way possible.

You will be able to know data referring to visits, the time that users have been on your website, as well as the user’s profile, the support from which they access and others.