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One of the main objectives of companies is to attract new customers. Therefore, to guarantee success it is essential to learn how to generate leads with downloadable content. This is a strategy that can help you reach your goal in a practical and effective way.

If you want to create a strategy for generating leads organic, you have to define and establish what you want to achieve. In addition, it is essential to define the profile of the audience you want to reach. These are the factors that will evaluate the performance of your actions.

But that’s not all you have to keep working on, as just having traffic is not enough. Therefore, it is important that you have knowledge about how to generate leads with downloadable content. You must have a really structured plan.

Tips to generate leads with downloadable content

Generating leads is one of the fundamental pillars of digital marketing. These strategies are what lead leads to show interest in a product or service that you are offering.

Here are some recommendations for generating leads with downloadable content:

1.- Determine the topic and focus

Working with valuable downloadable content is essential to attract users. For this reason, you have to define the topic you will deal with and the focus that it will have. An effective exchange has to be generated: the lead receives useful information and you receive their contact information.

Consider that it is not only about selecting a topic, but about writing it impeccably and having an eye-catching design. All this will make your material relevant enough for users to be interested in reading it without knowing any prior details.

Regarding the approach, it is important that it be exclusive. You can work with content dedicated to the expert audience or opt for something very specific. You can also opt for a compilation of statistics, tricks, tips, etc. The key is that it is useful, original, and difficult to find elsewhere.

2.- Content creation

The next step is the creation of the downloadable content. You can create it from scratch or work on something existing. This will cause your workload to vary, since one will take longer than the other.

The content, at least, must have 3000 words, especially if it is a guide or an e-book. This matter can be really complex, especially if you are not an expert on the subject, then it will take longer than expected. However, it will be easier for you if you use several sources of information.

This is where the synergy between your blog and your lead generation campaign should come in. It can be focused on one or more content that you have previously published.

Take advantage of content created on different aspects related to a certain problem. You can create or edit multiple content:

  • Delve into some of the points worked.
  • Interview with one or more experts on the subject.
  • Run a poll to get your own statistics.
  • Design graphics to make the information more attractive and digestible.

What if you start from scratch?

Starting from scratch may take longer, but it also gives you the opportunity to create original content. Remember that everything you write can not only be used in the lead capture campaign.

You also have the possibility of dividing the content and publishing it on your blog as part of the promotion strategy for your downloadable content. It’s about getting the most out of each strategy.

3.- Create a downloadable PDF

Perhaps this is the step that may seem more complex if you do not know how to handle design programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop. However, these days that is not a problem, as there is a wide range of design tools that you can work with without being a designer.

It is advisable to try different options until you find the one that best suits your needs and abilities. Once you have mastered the tool, it will be much easier to learn to use any other.

A good option may be Canva. With this app you can layout downloadable content such as e-books and guides in a few hours. Everything will depend on the length of the text and the level of customization of the design that you want. This is one of the most used tools due to its friendly interface.

4.- Create a landing page

It will not be enough to create the design, you need to work on promoting the downloadable content. And what better means than a landing page, whose main objective is focused on capturing leads for their future conversion.

Through a landing page you can promote your content and obtain user contact details. You must have a short form, to request the basic information, because if you do a thorough questioning, the receiver may be suspicious.

It is essential that you have a clear value proposition, accompanied by a call to action and other elements such as additional information, previews or testimonials. But the most important thing is that you answer this question:  What benefit does it offer?

Remember that the content that is in that document is totally unknown to the lead. So, you should attract it with key factors such as the cover photo, the title or a small description. You have to create the feeling of curiosity to discover what the landing proposes.

5.- Advertise your downloadable content

Creating a promotional landing page is not enough, since receiving traffic and capturing leads in this way is not a short-term process. Therefore, you have to amplify the reach of your campaign to have more chances of being discovered by other users.

Below you will see a series of actions that could help you promote your downloadable content:

  • Promotion on social networks, especially when combined with ad campaigns such as Facebook or Linkedin Ads. It is ideal to stimulate the capture of leads for this type of content.
  • Include prominent banners with calls to action at key points on your website or pop ups on your blog. This is an easy option to carry out and attractive to users.
  • Add the link to the landing page on all those pages that deal with the same topic, or a similar one. Thus, you will enhance internal linking and have the opportunity for the traffic that reaches those pages to end up in the landing of the offer.

Make collaborations on other websites related to the topic of your downloadable content.