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For newbies: What is web positioning?

When we do a search in google, both by typing on the keyboard and by voice, google brings up a list of organic ads and pages (without paying) according to what you have searched.

All the pages that appear without being advertisements in the first positions are working or hiring an SEO positioning service.

That is why it is always insisted that it is not only necessary to have a web page, but that the concept of SEO search must be worked on.

SEO positioning: News and trends for this year

In an increasingly competitive online market, appearing in the most relevant searches for your company’s keywords is a complex task, luckily, our digital marketing department will be able to help you.

Each change of google makes the “seos” have to keep up to date with the latest developments in the positioning of web content within the SERPs.

Not sure what SERPs are? Don’t worry, there are concepts that can sometimes mess up.

Google Hummingbird or google hummingbird, google panda, google penguin, etc, are different updates of google’s organic search system. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to modify SEO strategies, as in the entire digital marketing environment.

It is true that if your business does not sell in all of Spain or the whole world, a very general product, it is easier to find terms that are beneficial to attract potential traffic with local SEO.

5 trends in SEO

SEO searches by voice.

As in WhatsApp, more and more people and more frequently use the audio message option, voice search in Google is a real trend today.

It is an interesting path that must be the effort of large and small companies to anticipate a process of change in the SERPs and in the way of interacting with users and search engines.

SEO for apps

A large number of companies already have their own app design

Phones increasingly have more memory to be able to congregate a greater number of applications and the trend to download and delete apps for single use is increasing.

The ASO positioning is the SEO mobile applications, which has a different but similar structure to the “SEOs” are used.

This strategy is what will determine whether your potential customers find and download your app or not in the app stores.

Seo on amazon

Google, Youtube, Facebook… Amazon. Positioning products on amazon is one of the most sought-after demands and needs today in the digital market.

The platform that sells the most products in the world leads companies and freelancers to make the maximum effort to be the first and with the best results in the amazon browser and also carry out amazon ads.

Seo on youtube

For years we have known that video content is more viewed and has higher retention than written content and that the world’s favorite platform is YouTube.

The search in youtube serps is based on systems similar to the Google network. Knowing how to do SEO on YouTube is a vital issue since links to YouTube videos are even getting more and more in Google, above websites and blogs.

Google search by photo.

What does this mean?

That today if we take a photo of a product and upload it to a search system like Google, it will automatically try to locate that same product in e-commerce.

What do images have to do with SEO?

Images within websites and online stores must be fully optimized for this type of organic search (dimension, weight, file format, sitemaps, etc.).