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Since you know a little more about combining these two concepts, it is necessary that you know the ways in which you can combine them.

1.- The newsletters you send must be pleasant

With the use of CRM, you will help the newsletters you send to be personalized. It does not matter if these are segmented or not, you will make it possible. With your CRM software you will get a large amount of data, which you will be able to use in your emails.

Find out what your users are interested in so you can modify the content they are receiving. So, it will be adapted to the needs they have.

If they have already made a purchase from you, it is advisable to send them suggestions of similar services or products from which they have purchased. You can also offer them a supplement that benefits them much more.

2.- Try to make automation much more effective

With marketing automation, you will save more time, a great opportunity for you to target your audience in the right way. This is important, because they will be the ones who check your emails and interact with them.

By using the CRM, you will be providing tools that will guarantee that those emails you are sending are totally useful in their delivery.

On the other hand, with email marketing and CRM you will understand much better what that customer is waiting for from the company. The behavior of the user is something to consider and keep in mind when going to relate to them.

3.- Launch certain offers and discounts when necessary

Many times, what prevents a customer from making the purchase is that there is no incentive. And what is this incentive about? Let there be any offer or discount. And it is that many times the services or products are out of their reach, so they take advantage of the promotions that are available.

When you use email marketing you will be able to send many discounts and offers. On the other hand, with the CRM you will identify those customers who are interested in the offers to be able to send them the promotions and boost sales.

4.- Recycle campaigns that have been successful

Email marketing takes a lot of work. But when you’ve had successful campaigns, why do you start from scratch? Isn’t it better to already have an idea that you can work on and that helps you reduce time?

You may not get all the information that email campaign has had, but by implementing CRM you will be able to analyze which campaigns were the most successful, which were not, and which achieved the best results.

In this way, you will be able to recycle campaigns that have been successful for your contacts, while saving costs.

CRM and email marketing, a combination that cannot be missed

Combining these two concepts at the same time can be completely effective. Not only will it help you learn more about your customers, but you will also find certain solutions to problems that may arise in the sales funnel. The result that you are going to obtain will be to collect much more data and create more effective email campaigns. Combining them is going to be something that will bring many benefits to your business in the future.