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If you want conversions on your website to improve, you need to follow these techniques so that you can use effective pop-ups:

1.- Offer something that is exclusive and unique

If you want the person who is visiting your website to stay, you need to offer him something in return that is really attractive to him. When a user feels that you are giving him something only for him, the chances of continuing on the page and reaching the purchase will be greater.

You must communicate what you want to offer in a way in which the person has the privilege of accessing that content or offer through your pop up.

2.- Surprise and talk

One of the trends that is currently working very well in landings pages is conversational marketing, since this achieves that you can increase engagement and conversions on your website.

Pop ups are going to be a very useful resource for you to establish this contact. You just have to bring out your creative side and start a conversation with your user, always with a language that is fun and natural.

3.- Only one proposal per pop up

Do not try to get the person to arrive, register, get a discount and buy in the same pop up. This is going to make them completely confused and may not lead to any of the actions that you are giving them.

The rule is very simple: only one goal for each pop up that you are going to place with its call to action. Each pop up can follow different objectives, the important thing is that the message you use is very clear so that the visitor knows what they will get when taking the action.

4.- Make use of a design that is attractive, simple and that matches your landing

You have to create a pop up that has a visual impact on that visitor, but that, at the same time, is friendly, simple and understandable. It is important that you have the rule of “less is more”. In this way, the user can immediately understand what your pop up is about.

What types of windows to use to improve conversions with pop ups?

It is very important that you apply this resource in a good way, in order to avoid that user feeling a bit absorbed when the information comes out. The most used windows are:

  1. Scroll: Here the pop up will appear after the user has been browsing the site for some time. Thanks to this you will be able to detect which is the best offer to make when the follower has reached a certain space of the content.
  2. Timed: When you use these types of windows you have to orient yourself by the context. The message will appear when the person has visited the page or after it takes a certain time to navigate.
  3. Exit Intent: This is one of the smartest options. The call to action will be triggered when the user is already preparing to leave the site. Its operation is very good, because it will not interfere with the experience you have when navigating.

Click: It is planned so that the experience of the person can be satisfied, since the pop up will appear when the user performs an action. An example is when they click on a certain area of ​​your page.