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The truth of all this is that most medium and small companies have low-quality databases for sending personalized campaigns, being one of the most important strategies that exist today.

That is why you must worry about feeding your database well, so that it is effective and thus you can sell much more. Although buying a database can be attractive, it also has some long-term consequences that will take their toll.

And why does this happen? Due to the data protection regulations that exist, it is of great importance that the information of people who have not given you permission to be part of that database and receive your communications is not used.

So, the best thing is that you have a plan to generate more subscribers and grow your database of bulk SMS. You can follow these steps to help you get there.

1.- Define your objectives so that you can grow your database

Like the other strategies that you are going to use in your company, it is important that you set some objectives that you must meet, so that you follow them to the letter.

Here you must also define what is the work time that you are going to dedicate to the growth of your database, who are the people who are going to collaborate and what are the results you want to see at the end of the month.

Other things that you must define in your objectives are:

  • What are the data you already have?
  • What is the profile of the client you want to reach in order to feed your database?
  • What are those data that you need?
  • Plan how you can get more subscribers.

2.- Involve the sales area

Growing a database will require the participation of some employees of your company, especially those who are part of the sales area.

In general, these professionals are in contact with people who may be interested in your services or products.

From here, you can collect some phone numbers, business cards, or emails. The objective is that they can be in contact with your prospects.

On some occasions it is usually forgotten to include this data in the database, so it will always be important that you make a complete update to the entire database.

You can also request some contact information that is more personal. This will help you spread word of mouth promotional campaigns.

This is one of the advantages of SMS marketing: by having a good database, you will have access to multiple promotional alternatives.

3.-Make use of the forms

For these cases, you can make use of the social networks of your business, the website and other online media. Thus, you will be able to feed your database in the most effective way. And this can be done through forms.

You will be able to create them with some online tools available for this, to then be generated in codes that you can insert on your company’s website.

In this way, each time a new user visits your site, you will be able to request some information such as: name, email and telephone number. Now that you know how you can grow your mobile phone database, it is time for you to get to work and apply these three effective ways to obtain an optimal, clean and effective database that achieves more subscribers.