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Is your website, blog or online store slow? Looking for plugins to improve WordPress speed without having to hire a professional optimization service? You are in the right place! In addition to quality content, one of the most important factors that Google algorithms take into account   for indexing and proper organization of websites in search results is loading speed. Therefore, to optimize WordPress and its web performance, it is best to opt for fast themes and this list of plugins to improve WordPress performance.

Whether you have been a WordPress user for a  long time or if you have just started using it, it is important that you know the best WordPress web hosting , premium and  free templates (and the pages to buy plugins and templates ) and the large number of plugins (and extensions): related articles, banners , databases, cache ,  calendars and events ,  online courses ,  calls to action , comments,  backups , web directories , contact forms , ecommerce ,  Google AMP ,  https , import and export data , live chat ,  membership ,  multi-language , content protection , advertising ,  PWA ,  social networks , redirects,  reservations ,  rich snippets ,  security ,  SEO ,  loading speed ,  mobile version , WooCommerce and a long etc.

In this regard, plugins to improve WordPress loading speed are no exception. Of course, searching and finding effective tools and plugins that suit your needs and those of your website can become quite a frustrating task. On the market there are very diverse plugins, extensions and plugins to improve the performance of WordPress, since it depends on whether you want to configure a cache system or a CDN, optimize the images or combine, defer, minify or deactivate files.

Think about it! In the process of creating a website, blog or online store with WordPress, the theme you choose and the plugins you install are critical to the success of your web project. Unfortunately, many webmasters, often due to lack of knowledge or lack of time, do not take this aspect into account and design websites with templates whose developers have not taken into account web performance and plugins of very “dubious” origin, and all this takes its toll on loading speed. Months go by and someone tells you “Hey, isn’t your website a little slow?”, So you review it and realize that, not only is it true, but that you have a serious usability and user experience problem (key factors of Google’s Core Web Vitals).

You imagine? You are so calm and all of a sudden you do a web speed test and you get a message that says “JavaScript, CSS and Rendering resources have been blocked and the file “Above the Fold” (Scroll not visible) should be repaired “. Buff! What a fabric! I’m sure they’ve insulted me and I haven’t even heard about it. Look, I don’t even find out sometimes, and I see these kinds of messages on a daily basis. Really few users are prepared to face something like this (alone I mean) and knowing what is the way to proceed is key, since, although optimizing the loading time is the final goal, improving the performance of WordPress brings other advantages, how to improve your positioning in Google in the search results. For this reason, I have made a list of the best plugins to optimize your WordPress speed and improve the performance of your installation.

Plugins to improve WordPress web performance

The performance of your WordPress installation (performance) is an aspect that must be taken very seriously. You can have the best web design in the world and the best content, that if the page takes time to load, it is very likely that your visits will leave and not return. In this case, I have gathered several WordPress SEO plugins with which you can measure the performance of your website and detect improvement points and, if you combine it with the cache plugins, file concatenation and minification, lazy loading and database optimization. data, you can get very good results.