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Have you created a website, blog or online store with WordPress and want to add a business directory or a list of products or services? You do not want to change your template or use a directory template and you are looking for a WordPress directory plugin that helps you make a list of companies within your web installation? You are in the right place! Currently there are millions of websites that use the WordPress content manager (around 35% worldwide) and thousands of add-ons have been created to provide them with any type of functionality. The Web directories are a clear example of that extra functionality and in this guide, I show you the best WordPress plugins to create a web directory.

Whether you have been a WordPress user for a  long time or if you have just started using it, it is important that you know the best WordPress web hosting , premium and  free templates (and the pages to buy plugins and templates ) and the large number of plugins (and extensions): related articles, banners , databases, cache,  calendars and event ,  online courses,  calls to action, comments,  backups , web directories, contact forms, ecommerce,  Google AMP,  https, import and export data , live chat ,  membership,  multi-language , content protection , advertising,  PWA,  social networks , redirects,  reservations ,  rich snippets ,  security ,  SEO ,  loading speed ,  mobile version , WooCommerce and a long etc.

In this regard, web directories are no exception. In fact, they are almost as old as the Internet and, although many SEO experts (and local SEO) say that it is an unwise practice, since Google redesigned its Google My Business platform and “forced” all business owners to realize register and have their business profiles up to date (to digitize their businesses), the performance of these platforms and their SEO contribution is indisputable. Despite the fact that they have been repudiated in the past, business listings have flourished and now, thanks to these plugins, you can add a business directory or list of products or services within your website, blog or WordPress online store easily and quickly.