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On many occasions, companies must struggle with the question of how to select a software and do not have enough experience to know how to decide correctly.

In the case of medium or large companies, it is positive to be able to carry out a technology consulting service externally, in addition to carrying out an internal analysis to find out exactly what the future needs and possibilities are to be addressed.

1 How to choose the best software for my company

It is positive to start by making a brief initial list where all the points to be taken into account in the process of choosing the new software are added.

The reality is that for certain tasks (such as business accounting) there are a large number of alternatives and, in case of not finding any system created and a custom program is necessary, a deep analysis of software engineering companies that are capable of carrying out a system according to the objectives set.

2 Why have software?

Productivity. Productivity is the biggest advantage that software should provide. Perform tasks that took hours in a few minutes, automate simple or even difficult tasks and tasks, etc. It is possible thanks to computing.

In conclusion, achieve a technological transformation model that leads to greater effectiveness, efficiency and productivity in all or some of the business phases.

3 But … What does software do?

We have to clearly identify the objectives or goals that the new program must cover and that will help the management of processes in the company.

At the end of the day, a software or computer program must cover the needs of efficiency in a company’s processes, whether in accounting management, business control, POS software, machinery control and a long list of possibilities.

4 Software implementation time                                                                                   

It must be taken into account that the search process, contact with computer providers, choice, creation of the software or implementation of a packaged program, data migration and all the start-up, training and adaptation of employees, etc. It is something that will take time, although it will be well worth it.

5 Find suitable software

One of the first steps will be to conduct an investigation of specific needs in the different environments and departments of the company when looking for a suitable program or software.

It is important when exploring this first phase to run the analysis together with all the employees of the different business processes, especially with contact with new technologies and in an interdepartmental format, to know which are the processes in which innovations are necessary at the time to execute them in a more effective, faster or even automated way.

6 Compatibility of a program

In the event that what we are looking for is a specific complement for a part of business management but we already have different programs or software enabled, the compatibility of another program with the current ones must be taken into account.

7 Highlight Important Issues and Key Improvements

Once the needs and improvements that are required are determined, it will be time to really fix the most important problems that must be solved, so that the jobs with the greatest needs are covered in a simpler way. To later analyze the changes and improvements that could be made in small specific jobs.

8 What kind of software do I need?

First, you can search among the different software available on the market to see if any of them meet the requirements of our main objectives and decide or not to hire them.

All features, maintenance, future customizations, capacity, etc. should be carefully examined. of the programs.

Once a list of the best software is obtained, a second analysis will be carried out, comparing among the most suitable (if they exist) to arrive at the correct choice.

9 Request a software demo

A demo, normally an online demo, is the way to see “in situ” all the functionalities of the program that interests us. For this presentation, it is recommended, if possible, that the people who are going to use it or who are going to carry out the daily work in the program are present, accompanied in addition to the managers.

Sometimes a dated trial version can be obtained so that the company can more easily make the decision of whether to keep that software.

10 Reliability or program references

It is always positive to ask about previous jobs or request samples from companies that work with the program that we are interested in hiring; thus, we can ensure that the software has enough experience to support and perfectly manage our business.

References are always a good starting point when comparing services or products.