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Would you like to make the most of your time? Teamwork is not an exact science. Accounts are not “cast” as in mathematics. In this case, 1 + 1 is not 2, since the sum of efforts causes the results to multiply above what was expected, or at least, that is the way it should be. However, not everything is as easy as it seems. A team with poor organization can get results below what they could individually achieve. Everything is a matter of knowing how to take advantage of the strategies to work in teams and multiply the productivity that we show you here. Are you ready to discover the keys to make you and your team a much more effective group?

A good communication

We cannot miss communication. This is the basis of a good relationship between co-workers. If there is no understanding, if the information is not available to all members and at all times, they may feel out of the circle, excluded or different. Having well-established communication protocols will help us, not only to make members feel more integrated, but also to keep things moving at a faster pace. If each member knows how the company is structured and what kind of decisions a member faces, the flow of communication will be much more fluid.

At this point, it will also be essential to establish the appropriate communication tools, taking into account the urgency in communication and respect for the schedules of each worker. The email, a private chat with different channels depending on projects (in ADC we use slack) or even Whatsapp, Skype or phone calls, are some of the options that can be raised. Of course, remember that the most important thing is that all team members know at all times what communication channel to use and who should be addressed so that communication is effective.

Task management tools

There are endless work tools and task management tools that we can use to optimize our work. Google Drive, Dropbox, Hootsuite, Asana, BaseCamp, Trello or OpenPojet , are some of them. Analyze the operation of each one of them according to the type of work and tasks performed by your team, and define which are the most appropriate for your company. It is important that you count on the opinion of your employees, after all, it is they who will use them and who, in many cases, know better than anyone what they really need to be more productive.

Do not forget that the tools have been created to improve and optimize the work, it is one of the strategies to work in teams that can optimize time and improve productivity, but the inadequate use of some or the lack of knowledge on the part of employees of its operation, can have a completely opposite effect on the results obtained. Never forget the focus: productivity.

Do not focus on the “I” but on the “we”

When you start a project as a freelance and you start to create a company, it can be difficult to stop focusing everything on you, and above all, delegate and trust in the work of others. A good first step is to start speaking in the plural. Communication changes everything. Moving from the first person singular (me) to the first person plural (us) is a small-big step for your project. Although it does not seem like a transcendental change, the truth is that only by changing those two words will you get much more confidence from your employees and that they feel the project as part of them, getting involved in a greater degree. In addition, your customers will also begin, little by little, to accept the change and to value your employees as you do it yourself.

Sooner or later, you will notice the results. Customers will no longer only demand your attention, they will value your team more and more and you will be able to continue your work as a leader, thanks to delegating tasks that others can take care of.

Common objectives

Another strategy to work in a team that cannot be missed is to establish common objectives. Once again, it is something that is not always as easy as it seems, because generally we are entrepreneurs who started our project alone and many times we have not found the necessary separation between our personal objectives and our professional objectives. However, the moment you start to form a team for your company, it is essential that, regardless of their knowledge and training, you take into account their work objectives.

Sharing values ​​and work philosophy is much more important than signing the best professional in terms of technical knowledge. To form a team you have to look beyond the curriculum vitae of each member, you have to know if they connect with each other, if they share enough interests to create a coherent company culture.

Delegate and trust

In line with the above, it is important that as a leader you learn to delegate and trust the work of your team. If you do not get it easily, it can be due to two reasons:

You have not chosen the right professionals to be part of your team.

You continue thinking in singular and not plural when you talk about your company.

The first case has easy solution. Find new professionals that really inspire confidence. Beyond your curriculum vitae, it is necessary that you feel identified with your work and philosophy when putting it into operation. In the second case, the problem is with you: you are not prepared to create a team.

Create a sense of belonging

Although communication and shared objectives, as explained above, do much to establish this sense of belonging, as leaders we must know how to generate that balance and union between the people who work together in our company. Creating a positive corporate culture, where everyone is aware of some details about our colleagues, is something that can greatly improve the personal relationship between the team, and with it, that the work flow is much more enjoyable and enriching.

Small details such as organizing a Christmas company dinner or adding the team’s birthdays to the company’s calendar will make a difference. They are small ideas and strategies to work in a team much better.

Celebrate the results

Positive learning is something that is increasingly widespread in the educational field. It is clear that mistakes must be analyzed in order not to stumble again on the same stone, to learn from them, but just as important or not is to celebrate the results and share them to motivate the team.

When you work in a team, it is important not to point fingers when looking for people responsible for the successes and mistakes. You have to know how to share everything! Perhaps a partner has been confused in a small detail … but if there has been a real mistake has been because of the team, because someone should have supervised this task right? The same goes for great successes, it is important that everyone knows the results obtained to motivate their activity and share a job well done.

Power the best of each member

Sometimes, we insist on organizing the work of others without really analyzing which are their most outstanding attitudes and aptitudes. If we know our team and we ask everyone to do what is best for them and / or what they like to do, we will achieve much better results. Undoubtedly, one of the strategies to work in a team that you should start to consider right now to improve your results.

It is clear that for this you will have to know in depth the people with whom you work, because no matter how hard you have hired them based on experience and training, the truth is that talents are not usually clearly expressed in curriculum vitae. As you work with a person, you will be able to better see their most outstanding talents, and once you have identified them, take advantage of them!


Motivation of the team

Do not forget that as a leader you must know how to motivate your team. Think of that school teacher who really got the attention of the students, who were delighted to learn with him, think of the captain of a football team that has managed to generate a unique union among the members, where beyond the sport I found friendship, think of all those people who inspire and inspire thousands of followers (from the Pope to Gandhi). All of them are people who can help you improve your instinct as a leader. Read their biographies and try to apply the story to them.

And above all, remember that each person is a world, and not all the same element serves as motivation. There are those who will be motivated by a training plan in the company, and who prefer flexible hours to make their work compatible with their family life. Try to listen, understand and empathize with each team member to understand their motivations.

Time to train and reflect

Something that is increasingly valued, especially in jobs where the demands of updating knowledge are high, is the time for training and reflection. For example, in the field of digital marketing, where every day new things come out, it is essential that all team members are trained in their day to day. Having a department or person especially focused on training that can generate content and quick summaries, or even small training meetings, is a possibility that we can assess as strategies to work as a team.

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