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Having a website is the best way to guarantee the growth of your business or brand. It constitutes the virtual gateway to it and establishes an integral component of any online marketing strategy. But before starting to create it, you should know the main mistakes to avoid in the design of your new website as if it were the commandments.

However, before creating your site you will need to think not only about the domain or hosting, but also the design. Often, people who make the leap to the online world, build their website in reference to their own preferences and tastes, regardless of usability, accessibility or management of it.

10 mistakes to avoid when designing your new website

Since it will be the first impression a user will have of your brand, the first step is to understand your target audience. An excellent tactic to achieve this is to put yourself in his place. From that point, analyze the perception that it will have of the site. If you aspire to be not only attractive, but useful to your conversion goals, avoid making the following mistakes.

# 1 Bad Layout Organization

Having poorly organized distribution of elements on a website is a decisive factor for users to leave the site without generating any action. If you have followed our previous recommendation, you should already know what the first steps it will take on the web. Therefore, it is essential to organize them according to this premise, favoring that your navigation be as fluid and comfortable as possible.

# 2 Low quality images

Visual content is absolutely essential. So, the images you include on your website must be relevant to what is explained on it, have the appropriate dimensions and the necessary touch-up so that they stand out visually.

# 3 Broken or invalid links

This is another significant error and one of the main causes for him to leave the site and not return. Avoid it by periodically tracking your page. Monitor that links are displayed and operate properly.

# 4 That is not responsive

One of the most damaging mistakes to avoid when designing your website is that it cannot be viewed on all mobile devices. It is essential to keep this aspect in mind from the start. Especially, when most visits are made from smartphones or tablets. On the other hand, search engines penalize websites that do not have a responsive design.

# 5 Excessive or hard to read content

In addition to the convenient distribution of elements and optimal image quality, a website that does not have the support of appropriate textual content is bound to fail. Now, balance above all, do not exaggerate or saturate. Nobody likes to find a wall full of text, this is overwhelming. Ideally, include brief and relevant paragraphs.

# 6 Low loading speed

If you are one of those who prevail the design full of graphics and animations above the plain text you must take into account that the loading time will be slowed down and, with this, it is possible that your website suffers an increase in the abandonment rate in that crucial instant.

Finally, we do not recommend using “Flash” in the design. Although the results of using it are very “cute” affects you should know that, this type of pages does not appear in search engines. In addition, they weigh a lot.

# 7 Inadequate location of calls to action

Among the mistakes to avoid in the design of your website, this factor is capital. A bad sketch on the “Call to Action” buttons or its inappropriate distribution on the web, will confuse the user.

Remember to think as a customer and take care of the location of the buttons in order to guide you to the next step of your visit. Label them correctly and verify that they stand out in areas where they can be seen clearly. You can use the A / B testing to measure the results and determine which one is the best.

# 8 Lack of options to interact with Social Media

If your design lacks elements whose goal is to share in Social Media, you will cause the impression of a little “sociable” site. But, fundamentally, you will be missing the opportunity to reach a large number of potential audiences. Watch this factor by implementing methods so that your visitors can share on them while they are on your website.

# 9 Contact data poorly visible

Badly located or poorly visible data is another of the great mistakes to avoid in the design of your website. If users must strive to find a way to contact you, they will not do so. Arrange this information completely and as notoriously as possible, in this way the user can see them clearly.

# 10 Design for search engines or for yourself

Positioning is extremely important, but, if you focus all your design on it, it is very likely that you forget the user. Although “bots” are the ones that will track and position your website, it will be people who will navigate through it.

Ideally, your design is oriented with this in mind. The important thing is that the user remains on the site, converts, and returns. For this, it seeks to create an interface that generates optimal experiences, quality information, and interest. This will also decisively influence a search engine.