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Linkedin has recently reached the barrier of 200 million active users every month, more than the entire population of Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany together. But even more so considering the great activity performed by its users. It is not a simple repository of curricula waiting for the human resources manager of a company; your possibilities are very wide.

Stop being a passive agent and become an active agent with these 10 tips, make your LinkedIn time worthwhile.

Your name on LinkedIn

Just put your first and last name in these fields. There are many profiles that include a lot of additional information such as telephone, email, website, etc. By overloading those fields, the only thing we will achieve is to make it difficult for search engines, both internal and external. Let’s not forget that our LikedIn profile will be indexed by Google.

Your LinkedIn profile picture

Look for a professional photo that is that, professional. As references we can tell you that a smile is always better than a serious face, better a foreground than a whole body. Try to avoid using logos as a profile picture, remember that people like to deal with people.

Your custom URL

LinkedIn allows you to customize your profile url to be unique and easy to remember. You can choose anything but we recommend that it be composed of your first and last name and be as short and simple as possible. This will also help develop your personal brand.

Get recommendations

Try to get referral recommendations in your field with which you have or have had a relationship. When you do, make it as easy as possible by adding a list of your services or better skills to your request so that the person you have requested can quickly compose it. For LinkedIn to consider a profile as complete, 3 recommendations are necessary, but try to get some more.

LinkedIn Groups

Find the best LinkedIn groups in your sector and join them. Become a member of larger generalist groups and smaller niche groups. Keep in mind that once you are a member of a group you can contact other members of that group.

It is also advisable to create a group, as long as you have enough time to manage it.

Offer quality content and information

As you have already verified, LinkedIn is an ideal place to get quality information, good contacts, potential clients, search for employees, etc. Try to preserve the quality of your publications in groups and personal updates. This also means that nothing spams or fills commercial email mailboxes. It is appropriate to seek a position as an expert.


Make a list of the keywords that best define your profile, skills and knowledge. Once you have it distribute those words on your profile. LinkedIn’s internal search engines will take them into account and display your profile more frequently if it is properly optimized.

Use appropriate language and tone

As in all situations of your life it is advisable to adapt your message to your interlocutor and LinkedIn is no different. It is a professional network and you must position yourself as such, as a professional.

LinkedIn company page

If you don’t have it yet, create it now. It is a very powerful tool to get new contacts, especially in the B2B business environment. It is a brand showcase that will be more or less powerful depending on the work you do. Try to apply the rest of the advice to your company’s page.

Take advantage of LinkedIn suggestions

Both your profile and third-party profiles LinkedIn shows you a series of recommended profiles. Study them carefully and send invitations to who you think you can create a synergy with him. The more contacts you have in common and the more references you make to them in your invitation, the greater the chances of being accepted as a contact.

Do not forget to check the section “Who has seen your profile”, there you will find potential customers but also your competition.